What’s the leading cause of depression and low self esteem in children today?

So… Here’s the deal. With screen time at an all time high, and green time at an all time low we’re faced with some serious problems that today’s youth encounter.. Once the phone actually enters the hand, the brain is susceptible to so many things that aren’t retractable. Once a young adult starts taking in all of the garbage of social media and slanted news broadcasts they start to form an opinion of themselves and others that has very little truth in their day to day life

So here we are. With our hands tied right? Just give up. Narcissism awaits you young friend. You better be the absolute best at everything. You’re future depends on it right? Wrong.

Studies show that volunteering can help you with all types of strengths. Instead of making yourself feel better by filtering your instagram to look like someone you’re not, or getting satisfaction from counting the number of likes on your post we can substitute this with real life action. Helping others is a natural buzz. We all know it, but none of us do it enough. It feels good, and more time than not we’ll reap many other benefits for putting others first. Also, being outdoors has an immense effect on humans in so many beneficial ways.

CBS news just released a report on children and night time screen time. Reporting the following:

  • 50% of teens say that they are addicted to their cell phones
  • Anxiety and Depression is up 70% in young people over the past two decades
  • Self Esteem is at an all time low
  • Screen time is linked to poor sleep habits that directly relate to depression and delinquency
  • Depressed teens use social media more
  • Children 8-12 average 6 hours of media a day
  • Teens 13-18 average 9 hours of media a day
How does screen time affect children’s well being?

Lisa Demour PHD states:

  • We must get out in front of this and start good habits
  • Parents must set a good example by limiting their own use of phone -That children need in-time personal experiences
  • Children must be working, learning, and growing
  • Children must be physically active

“We don’t want technology to get in the way of things that promote health in our teenagers”

-Lisa Demour

View the full video report >

At Holy City Children we relish in the opportunity to attack all of the issues head on. Let’s get them on the right track early. Let’s empower the children to act and think for themselves. All of this by working, communicating, giving, and growing. Let’s cut down on mental disorders, and cut up on overall mental and physical well being.

The time is now.

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