Senior and juniors learn about themselves while volunteering

Today, Team Bearcat second grade students come together from Dunston Elementary and Drayton Hall Elementary to volunteer for another Holy City Children event. At their first event, children helped pets at the Animal Society. Today, they make their way to the Waring Senior Center, where senior and junior volunteers alike will learn about themselves while helping others.

The Waring Senior Center opened in March 2019. This 16,000 square foot senior center is located on the campus of Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital and features a fitness center, café, resource center with access to computers, exercise studio and outdoor pickle-ball courts. 

learning about seniors

Once again, children from different schools are partnered with a Senior volunteer, forming a trio of kindness. The event begins with an eye opening get to know you questionnaire, giving children from both schools insight into the way life was for seniors when they were kids. The world is ever changing and it’s great to understand that from a young age.

making planters

Next, these trios of seniors and children work together to create cards and decorate plants to share with seniors in assisted living facilities.

senior volunteers

Senior volunteers absolutely love working with the youth, many of whom have assisted at all 3 HCC events so far with the senior center. These volunteers offer valuable perspectives to students from their various professional backgrounds as former teachers, business owners, executives and military leaders.

Seniors who are volunteering for the first time today are amazed to see how well behaved our young friends are. Needless to say, these new volunteers “got it” . They immediately understand the value of getting children together at an early age to learn about themselves, others, and the community.  They recognize these children are building soft skills like leadership, empathy, self confidence and work ethic.

finding a calling

One senior volunteer approaches Executive Director, Craig Morris, asking about the program in more detail. This particular volunteer has been looking for ways to give back to the community for years. As she hears about Holy City Children, tears well up in her eyes. She is thrilled to be part of something so special.

She inquires with the Dunston Elementary teacher, Ms Bailey, about helping out at their school as a Spanish translator. Her suggestion is warmly received and appreciated. This volunteer has looked everywhere for a way to give back, and couldn’t find anything. Today, the opportunity just fell in her lap. She was so grateful that this HCC event opened the door for her to give back in a way that speaks to her.

Holy City Children is helping children, the environment, animals, and assisted living facility residents. What’s truly beautiful is noticing members of our community find their heart callings along the way. People throughout the community are connecting in altruism and love. It’s so moving to witness.

celebrating being human

To conclude, students wrap up the volunteer event with a little fun. 45 second graders and 15 seniors all unite in one of our most primal celebrations of song and dance. Forget your age, where you are from, how much money you have. Let’s answer the call to service. Let’s dance and sing together like nobody’s watching.

Thank you team Bearcat for being an inspiration to us all.

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