A Theory of Change

Why and how our program works

A theory of change

The full Theory of Change outlines our experience running a program in 6 schools in the Charleston County school district. We saw first hand that Holy City Children helps children develop:

  1. An awareness of self and others
  2. Appreciation of differences
  3. Effective communication skills
  4. Kindness and empathy

We provide opportunities for children from different backgrounds to work together in helping others. We give them the space to reflect on those experiences so that they can more consciously navigate life and excel at home and in school. 

Why does the program work?

We offer unique hands-on experiences children can’t get in the classroom. Not only do they interact with children of different backgrounds, but also people of all ages and walks of life. Prejudices are formed in the mind, and they are nullified through direct personal experiences. Students who have never seen the beauty of their own state or county are awed by the diverse landscape and communities nearby. Many students have never left downtown or seen a beach. Many have never interacted directly with a Senior Citizen before. Once these experiences are had, they cannot be taken away. Holy City Children establishes a foundation of kindness and appreciation early in life that sets children up for confidence and success in the future. We offer children a safe space to explore, reflect, and expand their perspective on life.

Download the full the pdf to read more in depth about how children are developing these valuable skills:
HolyCityChildren Theory of Change [Download PDF]

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