Kids connect with animals and each other

Team Turtlelight second grade kids are excited to connect with each other and animals today. This is their second volunteer event together with Holy City Children, and they’re elated to reunite. Students load onto the bus and thank the teachers and bus driver for making it possible. Once the bus hits the road toward the Charleston Animal Society, Craig shouts the first part of cheer “TURTLE LIGHT”

The kids remember the cheer and enthusiastically shout back, “Out of Sight!”

The children smile, feeling at ease as they recognize many of their teammates from last time, anticipating another day of good vibes. Kids engage in a classic game of Paper, Rock, Scissors on the way to tha Animal Society- interacting and playing in fun lighthearted competition.

empathy for the animals

Upon arriving at Animal Society, the children get a tour of the boarding area. They meet animals without homes, eliciting empathy for these furry residents who live in cages until a person comes to invite them into a warm loving home.

Next, children eagerly dive into their projects to help the animals. Students are paired with a partner from the other school and split up to rotate activities. One group of students creates special cheese dusted dog treats. The other constructs and decorates litter boxes for the cats awaiting new homes.

learning about each other

After the projects for the animals are completed, children reconvene for one last activity to learn about their partner for the day. They share names, favorite animals, and draw pictures of each other helping out at the Animal Society. They discover they have quite a bit in common.

On the bus ride back, there is a general feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie. 

Keep the light shining bright, Team Turtlelight!

Holy City Children with animals

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