First graders pickup litter and plant kale downtown

A couple of days prior to the democratic debate set to take place here in Charleston SC, a group of first graders from James Island Elementary and Laurel Hill Primary put their political differences aside and get some serious work done to improve our community by these young students picking up litter and planting kale downtown.

This is the second time Team Turtlelight first graders are meeting for a volunteer event, and they warm up to each other rather quickly. Students remembered their partner from the last event at the Senior Center where they worked with a senior volunteer to learn about each other and create gifts for assisted living facility residents. They worked together to show kindness to strangers in need of some light. Today they’ll bring beauty downtown.

Dalai Lama quote Holy City Children

picking up litter

Upon arrival at the Shaw Community Center, children learn about dangers of litter to animals, environment, people and food.

Kids then take to the streets downtown (and grounds surrounding the Shaw Center) to pick up litter. First graders work together in pairs from opposite schools, performing the dirtiest of jobs together to help our community.

planting kale

After picking up litter, Team Turtlelight students learn the science of how plants and people are dependent on each other in a reciprocal relationship. Plants breathe in the air we exhale (carbon dioxide) and through the process of photosynthesis give us back air to inhale (oxygen).

Volunteers with the City of Charleston Parks & Rec also teach about nutrition, explaining how Kale is known as a superfood because it’s jam packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. 

Children enhance the beauty of the Shaw Center by planting kale. This will also help other youth programs in Charleston as they tend to the plants and learn the value gardening and its importance to a healthy lifestyle.

a job well done

Team Turtlelight came, saw, learned, assisted, grew, and conquered. We’re all proud of our young friends for working together to better our community. And doing so with a smile and a great attitude

Well done, my young friends. Until next time!

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