Families volunteering together

we support local non-profits

Yesterday Holy City Children friends and families came to the beach to help out the Isle of Palms Beach Cleanup Crew with their event.  Families volunteering together is a beautiful thing. Parents and their children came from all around the Charleston area to pick up litter from the beach. Some families drove from as far as Johns Island and James Island just to help this group with their event to cleanup the beaches on Isle of Palms. What commitment to supporting our community and its non-profits!

learning by doing

It was wonderful to see parents teaching their kids and showing them first hand that we all need to take care of our beaches, our earth, and our community. If we take care of places we love, they will be there for future generations to enjoy. Side bonus – kids learn that picking up after themselves is important!

When families volunteer together, parents lead their children by example which is the strongest way to make a lasting impression.

At Holy City Children, we are big advocates of learning early in life how good it feels to help others. Let’s keep building each other up!

We’ll create kinder children, a stronger community, and a better future for us all.

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