Children learn about animals and compassion

Children learning about animals and compassion

Team Bearcats

Today, 2nd grade students come together for their first volunteer event as HCC Bearcats! The team mascot is a combination of the Dunston Elementary bears and the Drayton Hall Elementary bobcats. Go team Bearcats!

First, students learn all about Holy City Children and the volunteer activities they’ll be participating in together over the next several months. Next, they recite the fun team cheer (“Who’s that?” / “Bearcat!”) while on the road. The bus ride to the Charleston Animal Society from Dunston in North Charleston is short and sweet.

learning and helping animals

Then, these sweet second graders come together to learn about animals and how to help them. Kids move to the same learning stations as the first Holy City Children + Charleston Animal Society event.  Children  are greeted by new animals and learn all about communication styles before getting to work making treat bags and litter boxes for pets in need.

making connections, feeling compassion

Kids from schools separated by the Ashley River get to know each other as they come together in a completely new way – to be of service to others.

As they wrap up their day at the animal society, students chat over lunch about what they learned, sharing stories about their love for furry four legged friends. Children remark that all animals are kind and loving at their core, some are just scared or worried when in unfamiliar environments.

How true for so many of us. A little compassion goes a long way.

Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures
– Albert Einstein

Team Bearcats will reunite again next month at the Senior Center to keep expanding their perspectives.

Until next time!

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