about us
we connect children to the community through volunteering

We know that volunteering and giving back helps in many ways. It helps others feel compassion when they need it most. But perhaps most of all, it helps the person doing the work.

Service to others is something everyone is capable of. It unites humans. We see the commonalities in each other while celebrating our differences. What’s better than that?

When is a better time to start giving back than in our impressionable childhood years? Before cell phones take over, before bigotry is learned, before we start harshly judging others who are different than we are. Now is the time to transform the way we perceive the world and the people in it.

Volunteering early in life builds a foundation of kindness and empathy. It moves us from a “me first” mentality to one of cooperation. As we care for others, we nurture ourselves most of all.

Children build valuable life skills through volunteering like team work, communication, kindness, leadership, compassion, and cooperation. These skills transcend beyond personal relationships into academic life, and future professional endeavors.

As children develop these soft skills they look at the world and the people in it differently, from a perspective of compassion and kindness.

Imagine a world where we care about and are connected to each other.

“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.” 

– Martin Luther King Jr
we value
Developing strong, confident children who appreciate others and our environment
Connecting humans through conscious acts of kindness, realizing we all need help sometimes.
Experiencing the beauty of our local communities, feeling gratitude for all we have.
our mission
“Our mission is to create unity through service early in life
what are children learning?
soft skills for behavioral and academic success

Leaders are those who create an inspiring vision of the future, who aren’t afraid to stand up for positive change. Effective leaders motivate others they come in contact with to be their best selves.



Volunteering builds a foundation of kindness to others, and helps us realize there are ample opportunities to be kind. Kindness is infectious, when we do good for others we receive more kindness, and the world becomes a better place to be.

We all have struggles sometimes, whether human or animal. There’s nothing like helping others in need to develop deep empathy and appreciation for what we have, translating to less stress and better relationships.



Working hand in hand with others, children begin to understand the value of teamwork. Knowing that great things can never be done in isolation. We all need each other to accomplish big goals.

Instead of groaning and and complaining about chores, what if children felt the satisfaction of accomplishing something monumental? The path to freedom and happiness is through discipline and hard work.

work ethic


Volunteering involves working with people from all walks of life. Through diverse interactions, we gain valuable abilities to communicate and collaborate with others who are different than we are. A wider perspective benefits us all.

Why the pelican?

Pelicans are highly social creatures, relying on each other for group hunting. They remind us to work peacefully with others to achieve a common goal.

They symbolize social responsibility, teamwork, charity, strength in community, generosity, and friendliness.