ways we help
Helping the hungry
There’s not always food on the table. Sad but true. Gaining perspective and insight to the  needs of others is the goal, along with making sure that we help our brothers and sisters in their toughest of times.
land preservation
Connecting to the natural beauty of their local environment, kids will learn its history and improve it at the same time. This will keep it enjoyable for future generations to enjoy.
 sustainable living
Children help make their community more sustainable by planting community gardens, spreading milkweed seeds for native Monarch butterflies and building beehives. It’s all connected.
Respect your elders. You can learn a lot from them. They can learn a lot from you. HCC engaging in a wide variety of projects from kind letters to Bingo games. Sharing smiles and love all the way.
Every community, city, or town has special areas that make those places our home. We make discarded places beautiful and functional again. Creating the sense of pride in our community that we can all have.
We’re all in it together. Learning love and compassion by helping animals that are in need is a great start. Animal shelters, dog parks, and adoption centers love a little help from our friends.
Charleston is a beautiful place with access to some of the most amazing places on earth. Bringing children to the beach and parks, they learn about the importance of cleaning up after ourselves.
Children of different backgrounds, races, and geographical locations come together to solve problems. We are creating bonds at a human level to make our community a kinder and more accepting place to be.
located in the holy city

Charleston, South Carolina


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